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By: Paolo fromTOKYO - On: 09 November 2019
Download Video Average Daily Living Cost In Tokyo Japan

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If you are moving to Japan you might want to know how much does it cost to live in Japan? Or more specifically how much does it cost to live in Tokyo? This is the expected average daily cost living in Japan as well as the average monthly cost of living in Japan for someone like me who lives in central Tokyo, at Shibuya station. Depending on where you live in Tokyo, how far you live from the station, what you eat and what type of products, services and food you consume, a person can obviously reduce overall Japan living costs or go the opposite direction and multiply Tokyo daily living costs. It really depends on much each person wants to spend on housing, food and activities, but I wanted to provide you with a reference on how much things may cost on an average day in Tokyo for someone like me. Please take this video as a simple example. Utilities are based on living in a Shibuya apartment. Based on the costs, how expensive is Japan to you? How expensive is Tokyo to you? So if you are moving to Japan definitely might want to consider these daily living costs.

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