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By: Bones Rodriguez - On: 13 April 2017
Download Video The $7 Asset Everyone Can Afford

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After reading Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad, Poor Dad , and The Cashflow Quadrant , I started helping people to actually make money online and make money on the internet.
I made the video The ONE Thing That The RICH BUY That The Poor and Middle Class Don't which has gone viral: oI2YFX0zDII

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If you've ever wanted to learn how to grow an internet business and create a new life, then you must start here.
Robert Kiyosaki's Rich dad, Poor Dad is responsible for a lot of the ideas in this video, along with Tim Sales' video What The Rich Buy On Payday .
If you've ever watched anything by Eric Worre of Network Marketing Pro fame, then you'll know that Bones Rodriguez and he used to work together.
An actor, author, and entrepreneur, John Bones Rodriguez helps people create assets and make money online. oI2YFX0zDII is step 1 what wealthy buy that.html

I do some speaking occasionally to different groups of people who would like their circumstances to change.

The problem is that circumstances usually don't change until the people in the circumstances change. Which means that the only way to change your circumstances is to change yourself.

The information in these few pages will only take 10 minutes to read, but has drastically changed my life's circumstances, and it can do the same for you if you take action on the information.

The only difference between what you have and what you want is APPLIED KNOWLEDGE. This booklet will be the knowledge, but YOU have to apply it.


There might seem to be a lot of differences between the rich, the poor, and the middle class, but what if I told you that there was only one idea that the rich use that the the other two do not, that makes all the difference?

It’s so simple but so important that when I finally understood it, it changed my life forever.

I'm going to open your eyes and show you exactly what I mean, and you’ll see why the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the middle class are getting squeezed out.

It’s not about what they do, but what they BUY.

I want to make this as simple as I can, but to start I want to give you a few definitions of four important words.

(When I first heard these, I thought I knew them, but it turns out I was wrong)

The words are:

Income which means money you bring in
Expenses which means money you spend

These two words are used by the rich, poor, and middle class, but it’s these next two that I thought I knew, but blew my mind:

Liabilities Something that costs you
Assets Something that pays you.

Before, I thought an asset was something you own, like a house, a car, or something expensive. But the rich have a different definition of Assets, and this is the one we’ll be working with:

“Something that pays you”

Usually, people call their house an asset, and if you ask an accountant, they’ll tell you it is, but if you use these definitions, it can also be a liability, right?

A house you own but live in COSTS you money, so it’s a liability. BUT, a house that you rent to other people and make money from is an ASSET.

So, a quick review:
Income is money you make
Expenses is money you spend
Liability cost you money
Assets pay you money.


Instead of buying STUFF and liabilities with their money, the wealthy buy ASSETS.

Again, an ASSET is something that PAYS you.

This blew my mind when I heard it because I had no idea that you could even do that… BUY something that PAYS YOU?

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