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By: Paolo fromTOKYO - On: 20 July 2019
Download Video Why Japanese Don't Like Foreigners

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10 Reasons Why Japanese Don't Like Foreigners. Thanks to Squarespace, get 10% Off: Japan tourists or foreigners coming to Japan may not understand Japanese culture because of this some Japanese dislike foreigners for not understanding Japanese manner and etiquette. As a generalization, Japanese follow the rules and get frustrated when people don't follow those rules, but often time they generally avoid confrontation when they have these sort of issues. Based on my experience, this is why Japanese don't like foreigners and tourists and what they are really thinking when foreigners break the rules. I can't stress enough that these are generalizations and not everyone is like this as everyone is unique, but for the purpose of this video and to show what Japanese may be getting pissed off about, I speak in general terms. These are my Japan tips for tourists to help them understand Japanese manners so they don't make those tourist mistakes in Japan or in that they may be unknowingly viewed as misbehaving tourists in Japan. Although some Japanese hate foreigners for doing things in the video, some other Japanese may be okay with the behavior but again I am speaking in general terms. In general, I don't think foreigners want to be rude tourists in Japan, but because they don't understand Japanese rules or Japanese manner they make the classical foreigner mistakes in Japan. These are must know Japan tips to and a Japan guide when visiting Japan.

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