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By: Vamorix - On: 16 June 2019
Download Video Kenshi | The Cannibal Hunters + Cannibals Expanded | Ep 15

Download Video Kenshi | The Cannibal Hunters + Cannibals Expanded | Ep 15 Download Video Kenshi | The Cannibal Hunters + Cannibals Expanded | Ep 15
Duration: 1 H 26 M 45 S
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Source: Youtube

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Our adventure follows a pair of inexperienced Cannibal Hunters as they grow strong enough to eventually destroy all of the known cannibal tribes. This is an ironman playthrough so there will be no game loading. If our characters die, they are dead. If our entire party dies, we start over. Once we build up a team strong enough to deal with the weakest tribes in cannibal territory we will be limiting our recruitment to cannibal victim rescue only. The ultimate goal of this series is to wipe out all cannibal tribes to whatever degree the game allows, and to kill the cannibal grand wizard.

Kenshi is a free roaming squad based RPG. Focusing on open ended sandbox gameplay features rather than a linear story. Be a trader, a thief, a rebel, a warlord, an adventurer, a farmer, a slave, or just food for the cannibals. Research new equipment and craft new gear.

Want to be one of The Cannibal Hunters?

Leave me the following in the comments! All are optional other than name : P
1. Character Name
2. Backstory: Tell me about your character and how they fit into the series
3. What race you sex/race you want to be
4. What types of weapons and armor you want to use
5. What role does your character play in the group (archer, tank, thief, assassin, etc.)

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Mods Used in this series so far

Dark UI 1200632417
Compressed Textures Project 1649794243
Reactive World 1358096888
Copper Ore Drills 893422439
More Names! 1461137298
Nice Map [Zones + Zone names + Roads] 1613829988
Better Crop Fences 1631820298
Martial Arts Fast Dodger 1615762959
Extended Campsite 1615762959
New Weapons Dissemination Mod 1552374986
Cannibals Expanded 1654903438
Dog backpack 1654903438
More Bounties 748303762
Race Blood 1434857344
Breadnought's Facepaints 1594139093
Military craft (New attacking moves) 1621612272
Reduced Weather Effects 1621612272
Hives Expanded 1688546539
Attack Slots x3 1688546539
Medical Beds (faster healing new beds) 1408051707
Shrieking Bandits Expanded 1648289968
Jewy's Limbs Overhaul 1728402822
WithoutNWDM Cannibal and Shrieking 1655162336
NWDM Remove Hiver Weapon 1688805294
New Towns: Root 1195041057
More Belt Items v2.0 964146484
Combat Boots 1668205439

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