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By: Gay Cinema - On: 21 August 2018
Download Video Occupy Me Gay Short Film (2015)

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Duration: 15 M 56 S
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Source: Youtube

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Two men, David (a Jewish American) and Sam (an Arab American) meet for an afternoon sexual encounter and find that there is more between them than just a visceral connection. But when a flirtatious word spar about sexual positions turns unwittingly into a debate over something else entirely, both men take sides against the other and replace that could be beautiful connection with anger, resentment and accusation. OCCUPY ME is about the insidious way outside issues can seep into our interpersonal relationships and invade and cloud our perceptions until love is replaced by anger, truth is pushed out by fear, and potential is destroyed by the past.


The film Occupy Me Gay Short Film is used with permission from author Adam Fitzgerald ( br rs)
Directed by
Adam Fitzgerald
Writing Credits
Adam Fitzgerald (writer)
Jaspal Binning Sam
Max Rhyser David
Produced by
Blake Drummond producer
Adam Fitzgerald producer
Max Rhyser producer
Music by
Michael Harren
Cinematography by
Blake Drummond

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