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By: Odomtology 12-Step Recovery Media - On: 03 April 2013
Download Video Bob D. - AA Speakers -

Download Video Bob D. - AA Speakers - Download Video Bob D. - AA Speakers -
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Bob D. does it again and absolutely knocks it out of the park! This is a wonderful tape for newcomers. He explains, in his typical down to earth style the nature of surrender (a word that gets thrown around in meetings all the time). GREAT talk from one of the best AA speakers ever!

Addiction treatment WORKS! The Twelve Step Model has been utilized as a treatment for alcohol abuse and alcoholism since 1935. It is extremely important to know that help IS out there and addiction recovery is possible. If you are battling alcoholism, drug addiction, addiction or any other form of addictive behavior, there are people who know EXACTLY what it is like!

You can find out more at: Alcoholics Anonymous Official Site As should be blatantly obvious, we are in no way affiliated with them or any other Twelve Step Program. We are just looking to provide hope to those suffering from alcoholism or addiction.

It is important to note there are several ways for one to address his or her alcohol abuse treatment. Substance abuse is a very serious condition and has become an epidemic in today's world. Many people suffering with substance abuse need treatment, such as inpatient stays, rehab, or counseling. The importance and purpose of this video, and all our other videos, is to show that recovery IS possible and to give hope to those who are struggling with alcohol and drug addiction issues. Help IS out there!

From the book Alcoholics Anonymous: In spite of the great increase in the size and span of this Fellowship, at its core it remains simple and personal. Each day, somewhere in the world, recovery begins when one alcoholic talks with another alcoholic, sharing experience, strength, and hope.

Every tape is carefully selected to ensure its quality and that it is entertaining to listen to. You can trust Odomtology 12 Step Recovery Media to be synonymous with the best online recovery material out there. QUALITY is our mission. That is why we have the large and engaged following that we do. Have fun and enjoy listening to the amazing, wonderful, and powerful recovery speakers!

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Namaste, friends and blessings to all! :)

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