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By: LGR - On: 08 April 2010
Download Video LGR - NCR 386 MS-DOS Computer Overview

Download Video LGR - NCR 386 MS-DOS Computer Overview 01 Download Video LGR - NCR 386 MS-DOS Computer Overview 02
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When the 386 came to market in 1986, it blew everything else away. Having one of these was considered life in the fast lane and until the 486 & Pentium, it was the ultimate CPU to use. This is an overview of the NCR Comten PC 386SX from 1989, a 386 processor based sort of IBM PS/2 35SX ish clone, as well 386 machines in general. Also compares its speed to the IBM PC and XT range of machines.

Footage of:
Windows/386 2.1
Commander Keen 4 Goodbye Galaxy
Test Drive III The Passion
Bubble Ghost
World Class Leader Board

This is a response to some requests for footage of some of my systems in action instead of just a review. But that would be boring I think so lots of facts, commentary and history as well.

Oh and I paid about $25+shipping for this PC, no monitor or extras.

I have since added a 3.5 1.44MB floppy drive, 210MB HDD and Sound Blaster 2.0 card.

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