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By: storybooth - On: 03 September 2019
Download Video Lost On The First Day Of High School

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It was time to go back to school. Divya's first day of high school her first year as a freshman she was pretty overwhelmed. She was just transitioning from being in middle school, so she was slightly confused about everything. Her new school was super big, there were kids everywhere she looked, and she was just starting out in a brand new environment.

At first, she thought she was getting the hang of things she was able to locate her classes, she started to understand her schedule, and she was able to make friends and meet people.

But all of a sudden, as she was standing in the hall and talking to friends, the bell started to ring. Before she knew it, everyone around her started to head to their classes, and the halls became empty. She started to look around for her classroom, too, but she couldn't locate her next class. There was no one in the halls to help direct her, so she really felt lost.

Then, the second bell started to ring, and that's when she went into panic mode! She raced into a random classroom assuming it was the right class and sat down in the front row. The teacher began to call out names and welcome everyone to the class, but when Divya looked up at the board, she realized she was sitting in 11th grade English but she was only a 9th grader! She was in the wrong class, and she was surrounded by older kids!

Divya turned around and tried to get some advice from the girl sitting behind her, but she wasn't much help. Instead, Divya had to awkwardly stop the teacher in the middle of the lesson to explain how she ended up in the wrong place she was SO embarrassed! At that point, she had no choice but to awkwardly walk out of the class, find an administrator, and show up to her class very late.

Looking back, Divya can hardly believe it when she says to herself, I got lost on my first day of school. She's luckily adjusted to high school since her first day, and she hopes to never get lost again!

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